Our aims

We are helping individual families in Ukraine and in time we hope to encourage creative Ukrainian crafts people and other businesses to develop and sell their products to a wider European audience.

Uniting people

We are coming together for the common good of those in Ukraine who have suffered as a result of the conflict in the East. It is not just those Ukrainians living in Britain and other parts of the world who feel a common bond, but we also have strong support from our British, American and European friends.


How to help
Whilst our fundraising efforts are core to the charity we welcome any input and ideas from those who understand Ukraine needs to be given a chance to exist as a peaceful, corruption free country.

​About Ukraine

Ukraine is a diverse country from the mountainous scenic beauty in the West to clear rivers and pine forests in the East.

The culture is fascinating and the country has so much to offer from small creative business to much larger scale development projects.

And as far as the cuisine is concerned the is much more to Ukraine than pigs fat and chicken Kiev...